Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jeremiah Johnson

 Sooo... if any of you have yet to see the masterpiece called Jeremiah Johnson, you should really get off your ass and find a torrent of it or try renting it. It's in my top ten movies of all time, which tends to change, but this will always be there. Basically a guy in the 1800's decides he hates city life and moves out west to untamed land and being a greenhorn fuddles around until he finds someone to teach him the ways of being a man. Long story short, he's a bonifide badass of the wild rocky mountains.

Why are you still here not watching it?


  1. Sounds good. Based on real stories or completely fictional?

  2. believe it or not it IS based on semi-true stories. This story is basically from before cowboys etc. so its actual wild west, not wrangler hoodley doodley time west.

  3. . It's a true story, or a cuasi true story. Based on Crow killer or "Liver eater Johnston” .

    Aml. Jur.