Monday, February 7, 2011

Tattoo ideas

So I've already planned both arms to be seperate themes, my left being fringe culture, and the right being heritage. The heritage has runes already, and the right has an outline of a bear, which was taken from a punk vegan cookbook.

I want both of these as new tattoos but I don't know which one to get next.
 The wisconsin skull is kind of both, but more fringe to me, because most the the "cool kids" think of Wisconsin as a death trap, like static x derpderp, but it also would pertain to Ed Gein and all the other crazy ass serial killers that we export. you are all jealous of our people eating ability.
and this is the Coat of Arms of Norway. As you can probably procure from this I'm very Norwegian, and wanted not just folk art and runes on my right arm but also something half-obvious to the trained eye, like this. plus its gosh-darned badass if I say so myself. Just look at that lion, he's wielding a battle axe, wearing a crown, and has freaking spikes coming out of his tail!

Will probably put a poll over to the right in a minute. cast your votes viewers!

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  1. First Tat is trippy. New follower.