Saturday, February 26, 2011

lucid dreamings

So I don't remember it in it's entirety, but I'm pretty sure I was lucidly dreaming for the majority of the night. that or i was so deeply sleeping that during the dream when i reminded myself it was a dream i didn't wake up.

i was somewhere in georgia with some friends, and went to a bar and everyone kept looking at us. i think it was our wisconsin accents. i choked and ordered some gross bourbon so i wouldn't look like a noob in the south when i ordered gin. we left the bar and wandered down to the beach during dawn, going through peoples dirty backyards. there was a gazebo down on the beach where we decided to take a break, and a giant sand dune that was constantly overpouring with sand. it was like a giant sand waterfall. we watched this for awhile and talked. i mentioned something about how my friend in the navy was stationed in myrtle beach, but i think that's in north carolina. regardless it must've been something like this (or so one would think dreaming). somehow there were clothes and supplies in the gazebo fit for hitchhiking and foot travel. we packed our bags and were on our seperate ways. i think i went north.

it looked something like this, just imagine a bit farther
back from inside a gazebo. it was beautiful.

i stopped at a drive in. somehow my manager Free was there (his full name, for real, is Free Byrd. he has hippie parents. changed his name to Daniel Free Byrd to save embarrassment later on). there were some (what i take as) racist douchebags, and a skinhead with a sharpied on swastika lunged at me, like the "come at me bro" lunge. I sat down across the table from him. Free was arguing politics or something with the rest of the group and things were escalating quickly into physical transactions (lol). so i ripped off my hoodie and hat etc, and revealed that i was a stout red headed (and bearded) norseman, and Free is a tall, longhaired and bearded also, frenchman (disregard everything not taunting about the french, he's intimidating as shit). I don't remember if we fought though, I think we intimidated them enough looking like experienced mountain men. That's about the time I realized I was dreaming, and from that point on i dont remember much else.

This was at the peak of sleep/dreaming I think, because before I reminded myself I was dreaming, I asked what day it was, and Free said 6:30 saturday. When he said this, I got mad because that meant that I had missed getting to work on time. after awhile I realized that it must be a dream, because the time that I had been in georgia was far more than just a day, and theres no way i could get to georgia this fast besides.

All in all, it was pretty cool and I wanna head to georgia someday. regardless to say I had a great night sleep and feel fully revived this morning, which has been a long time coming, since i haven't had good sleep in a long time. There was nothing different that would've triggered this, it just kinda happened.


have any of you ever had a lucid dream? share some experiences!

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  1. I did once but it was really short and pointless. I was in one of those yellow American taxis (I'm english) and I was just being driven around. I looked out of the window and just sort of thought, Oh wow, I'm dreaming. And then I pretty much woke up straight away. Didn't even have time to go all Inception on that shit. Or at least figure out a way to try to :P